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Cassandra Staacke Mediation Fees –  Mediator Credentialed with Texas Association of Mediators
and is capable to assist in resolving disputes

Mediation Practice is a private process where a neutral third person called a “Mediator”
helps the parties discuss and try to resolve the dispute.

The mediation fees when  first scheduled with Cassandra costs $100 each to secure the meeting.

You can attend the meetings via “Zoom” or in person.

The mediation fees are $100 per person per hour.


Our mediation fee is simple and charged at a fixed rate of $100 per hour per person attending without regard to the nature, amount in controversy, or complexity  of the case.

This rate is paid by each party.

Please be prepared to provide a check at the mediation for additional hour or bring your credit card to use our PayPal option.

Please be prepared to provide a check at the mediation for overtime fees or bring your credit card to use our PayPal option.

Special Client Needs

The venues that we use for mediation or all handicapped and wheelchair accessible

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of $500 (or $250 for each party) will be charged to the cancelling parties for a mediation cancelled 14 days prior to the scheduled mediation date.

Otherwise mediation fees once paid and scheduled are non-refundable.
If the mediation is rescheduled and conducted we will apply any funds in excess of the $500 cancellation fee towards the rescheduled mediation.

We will make every prudent effort to work with you, your client, and your schedule

mediation Fees
Casandra Staacke - Texas Mediator Mediate Your dispute


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